Inner Spirit Rhythms with Kathleen

Kathleen is a Black Belt Nia Teacher, Licensed Zumba Teacher and Certified Reflexologist, who is passionate about teaching and sharing the fitness programs that transformed her life.

Kathleens journey into teaching dance based fitness began when she attended her first Nia class in 2002, she immediately fell in love with Nia, it filled a void that other aerobics classes could not, it reawakened in her the inner dancer that had been asleep for  many years. She obtained her White Belt in 2004 and began teaching classes.

Over the years she has trained with the creators of Nia Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, Nia trainer Ann Christianson and many other gifted trainers. Nia continues to be Kathleens greatest passion and after 14 years of practice, it still continues to transform the way she approaches fitness and her life and has been witness to the transformation of her many students.

Kathleen was attracted to Zumba in 2009 when she attended a class that a friend was teaching,she took her Basic Level 1&2 Zumba training in 2009 and has continued to educate herself with many specialty trainings.

Join Kathleen for a fun, energizing, and creative class experience !