Nia with Kathleen

Nia -Barefoot Fitness

Nia is feel good fitness for the body, mind and soul. It is a cardio-dance, fitness practice that blends energizing, soul-stirring music with choreography that is easy to follow and designed to move the whole body.

Moves are infused with the power and precision of the martial arts( Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do ) expression and fun of the dance arts( Jazz, Modern, Duncan ) and the mindfulness of the healing arts ( Yoga , Feldenkrais , Alexander Technique ) Nia is the original non-impact form of fusion fitness that is easily adapted for each person.

Nia is more than just a workout it is a holistic approach to health designed to address the body,mind, emotion and spirit. Nia reconnects people to the joy of movement. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindful awareness of the body, holistic fitness, and a well-being lifestyle.

Nia tones your body and tunes your mind, leaving you feeling energized, mentally clear, emotionally balanced and completely alive after every workout. Nia teaches people to make choices for pleasure by tuning into sensation, the voice of the body.

Teaching styles range from dynamic, classic Nia to gentle and healing, to powerful and athletic and is adaptive to any population. This includes seniors, teens, kids, men, women, Nia for Parkinsons, eating disorders and cancer patients.

Nia is movement medicine and inspiration for life !

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